Monday, June 15, 2015

10 things every backpacker needs to know before going to Thailand!!!

  1. You are better off carrying USD than INR. Only few exchanges accept INR and you will get a good deal if you exchange USD.  It works out profitable when you change INR -> USD -> THB rather than INR -> THB. 
  2. There are a lot exotic and beautiful places to visit in Thailand. Dont limit your trip to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Plan your trip to coincide with the full moon party. Its crazy!    
  3. Stay in hostels and dorms. These are the best ways to connect with a lot of travellers and also save money. Look for a hostel that has got excellent reviews in hostelworld or booking. Costlier hostels do not necessarily mean they are good. 
  4. A Thai Bhat is equivalent to 2 Rupees. That doesn’t mean you will get a meal for 25 THB. Food is expensive in Thailand. More so if you are a vegetarian. You will definitely have to shell out at least 100THB for a meal. A bag of laundry costs 50 THB. A loaf of bread costs 45 THB. Deal with it. No point in cribbing about it.  
  5. None of the restaurants or hostels provide drinking water. You have to carry your own water everywhere and a 1.5 litre bottle costs 15 – 20 THB
  6. Most probably, you would be taking an Air Asia flight to Bangkok which will take you to the Don Mueang airport. It is best to take the Bus to Mo – Chit station from the airport and  then take the BTS from there. If you are arriving in the wee hours, a taxi is your best bet. 
  7. Dont travel with a fixed plan in mind. Chances are very high that you will love a place and might want to extend your stay. Be flexible. 
  8. Carry about 2000 THB per person in hand or exchange at the airport. You will need money for your visa and for the taxi / bus. You don’t want to end up convincing the driver to accept Indian currency like I did. 
  9. Most of the Thais don’t know English. If you want vegetarian food in a restaurant please specify No Meat and No Egg. Apparently egg is vegetarian in Thailand. 
  10. The local beer Chang gives you a “Changover”. Alcohol % varies from 5 to 30 with each bottle. It however tastes great. Be careful before you start downing beers like you do with KF. 
Happy Travels. ! Let me know your thoughts as well from your trip to Thailand ! 

PS: A tuk tuk has more leg space than the Air Asia flight. However, they can rip you off as well if you are not careful enough. 


  1. Thanks, hope that after reading your article I will finally become prepared for so fascinated trip!) Also I have one advice from my friend that have been living in Thailand for a few years - he said to me that if I wanna rent bike in Chiang Mai, I should do it only here cause its the only one company that completely satisfied his needs.

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